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Meyko : the perfect buddy for your asthmatic child

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Meyko : the perfect buddy for your asthmatic child

Meyko : the perfect buddy for your asthmatic child

Is your kid asthmatic ? Discover the ideal connected buddy who will take care of him.

Asthma is a disease which affects many children, approximately 10% of them worldwide. For many it will fade and disappear growing up but it still need to be monitored closely.

First chronic disease for children, the treatment consists of a daily treatment and a crisis treatment through inhalers. Yet when it comes to children, the daily treatment is often not taken daily which leads to more crisis and complications.

To encourage your kid to take his medicine daily there is now and adapted help: Meyko.

On the one hand, the kid adopts a new friend looking like a small blue animal. It reassures your kid and accompany him by making the take of his medicine a daily habit. Its mood depend on how well your kid treats it and above all is he has taken his medicine or not. It will also be a calming presence during crisis.


On the other hand, parents can follow their kid’s treatment on the Meyko app. Indeed, the app is connected to the device and can therefore transmit the information of whether the treatment was taken or not. This data can even be used by your pediatrician on the long run.

Meyko allows kids to be responsible for the treatment of their disease and reassures parents !

Imagined by a French start-up, Meyko is a beautiful initiative still under development but which will surely convince more than one parent when it arrives on the market.

To get news about Meyko and its launch, click here.