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Exercise during your pregnancy ?

Exercise during your pregnancy ?

Are you wondering if it is possible to keep exercising during your pregnancy ? Of course !

And we actually advise it strongly.

During your pregnancy, exercise will help you control your weight gain, relax to ease the various inconveniences of pregnancy, reduce risks of gestational diabetes, avoid arterial hypertension, and last but not least, ease perineum reeducation. Pretty cool, right ?

For you, we have looked up the different exercise you can do.

You do weightlifting at your local gym and wish to find a smoother, wound-free alternative ? Well do you know the Swiss Ball, or FitBall ? Thanks to this big inflatable ball you will be able to keep toning your muscles while reducing drastically the risk of hurting yourself or baby.

Yoga is also strongly advised for its benefits and stretching which will help you with backaches and tone your abdominal belt.

Other interesting sports while pregnant are:

  • swimming as the water relieves you from most of your weight
  • cycling
  • pilates
  • walking


In all cases, you should talk about your practice with your doctor, especially if your pregnancy holds any risk.

Be careful, sports like martial arts, horse-riding, skying etc. are extremely discouraged.


See you at the gym ladies !