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Dirty Dancing : the TV remake

Dirty Dancing : the TV remake

Yes, you read well. And the first teaser just came out…

If there is a dance movie that has marked generations of spectators, it surely is Dirty Dancing. Nobody can resist to Patrick Swayze’s wonderful wiggle and Jennifer Grey incredible charm.

This year, American TV channel ABC takes a crazy risk : make us (re)discover this incredible love story in the form of a TV remake/reboot. You can say goodbye to the original cast, this three-hour TV film welcomes brand new actors.

The late Patrick Swayze will be replaced by the beginner actor Colt Prattes, who is more used to playing in musical comedies and theater plays. It is the actress Abigail Breslin, known for her role in the superb Little Miss Sunshine, that will play the role of Frances « Bébé » Houseman. Well-known faces such as Nicole Scherzinger (Pussycat Dolls) and Sarah Hyland (Modern Family) will also take part in this project.

ABC promises a remake faithful to the original work which also brings new elements to the intrigue : this film will show us what happens to the couple after the summer of their unexpected encounter

ABC just launched a first short teaser that does not tell too much in order to tempt us.

So get your agendas out and mark the date of the 24th May to discover this awaited remake !