My witch in Canada

My witch in Canada

Find the first volume of My Witch in Canada. Who is she and why is she so mean? Find out quickly!
There are many symbols of Halloween, starting with pumpkins: the symbol of this colorful holiday. Nightlife animals like black cats, bats and owls are also very special. We will not forget the fictional and magical creatures such as witches, vampires or ghosts. But Halloween is also a party with unique codes and colors: orange, black, purple.
Halloween night represents the symbols of death, fear and fire. On Halloween, children dress up and roam the streets to scare passers-by and their friends. When we celebrate Halloween we practice the custom of Trick or Treath a candy or a stuffing) and thus fill our baskets with candies and lollipops.
There are many symbols like pumpkins, witches, owls, black cats, skeletons, ghosts, vampires, black and orange, spiders and many more.
Choosing easy-to-use Halloween makeup isn't rocket science. Do you have pale skin and dark eye shadows in black, gray or brown. To recall the color of blood, play with red and burgundy.

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4 Books | HALLOWEEN | From 3 to 6 years

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