DIY Halloween Mummy lantern

DIY Halloween Mummy lantern

Learn how to make a mummy lantern with your kids for an awesome Halloween. DIY Halloween

There are many symbols of Halloween, starting with pumpkins: the symbol of this colorful holiday. Night-life animals such as black cats, bats and owls are also very special. We will not forget the fictional and magical creatures such as witches, vampires or ghosts. But Halloween is also a party with unique codes and colors: orange, black, purple, etc. Halloween is a very popular party for children, they dress up, go trick-or-treating, and go trick-or-treating. It is also the occasion for them to create superb creations like a mummy lantern.
You will need :
- a glass jar - a few strips (gauze)
- some glue
- bulging eyes - a brush - a candle
Time for preparation!
1. Cover the jar with glue
2. Glue the strips to the glue
3. Stick floating eyes
4. Add the candle to the inside of the jar.
What does Halloween night represent?
Halloween night represents the symbols of death, fear and fire. On Halloween, children dress up and walk the streets to scare passersby and their friends. When we celebrate Halloween we practice the custom of Trick or Treath (= a trick or treat) and fill our baskets with candy and lollipops.
What colors are used during Halloween?
We have two dominant colors black and orange are everywhere, on the one hand it represents black darkness, fear and death. Orange perfectly represents autumn, candlelight and the color of pumpkins. More and more colors are combined with purple, dark green, pink and glitter to become the most modern decoration, but the background color always remains the same: orange and black.

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