Basile watch Halloween

Basile watch Halloween

Basil watches a halloween movie: find a new adventure of Basil.

Halloween, it is traditional for children to knock on every door to collect candy. Children love to wear all kinds of monster costumes: vampires, mummies, zombies ...
It is customary to decorate your house with fake cobwebs, ghost garlands, pumpkins, candles ... in the twilight everything is more frightening.
Make funny recipes like ghost cookies, pumpkin magic potions, mummy hot dogs, licorice spiders or fake chocolate eyes.
But there is also a custom, it is that of being afraid. Tell each other awesome stories or watch a horror movie, the themes of the Halloween party are rife and often found in horror.
So horror tales or monster stories, don't watch too scary movies alone like Basile! Because that could scare you very much.
Where does the name Halloween come from?
Its current name is an alteration of All Hallows Eve, which literally means "the eve of all saints", that is, the eve of the Christian feast of All Saints. Hallow is an archaic form of the English word holy and means "holy", even is a common form which formed evening.

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